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Basic daily activities in the Community Centre are the library activities.

Many know that the Community Centre, as an unique institution, takes its name from "reading room" - the natural place where the old patriotic and awake townspeople from Knezha gathered to read. This happens in 1896 in the homes of Tzolo Dikov, Atanas Kiskinov and Krustyo Gevrekov to establish permanently ceding Town Hall, where space is reserved for the first books and magazines.

If in 1904 the library had only 338 volumes, up to date the book collection numbers about 68,000 vols.

Turning over the pages of the chronicles we find out that the first librarian was Nikola Georgiev, who worked in the period from 1897 to 1900. Following next are the names of the teachers Ivan Petkov, Varban Trifonov, Marin Todorov, Nikola Marinov. The first full-time librarian was appointed in 1946. He is Ilya Mihailov Beremski. Their noble work was continued by Paul Stanchovski, Lilia Jilkova, Maria Beshkova, Draganova Sofia, Yordanka Nikolova, Katia Simeonova, Vanya Varbishka and Margarita Todorova.


The library activities include:

• Work with readers and unique users differentiated in 3 sections: reading room, adult room and children's department.

• Purchase and electronic processing of library collections.


Mass cultural events: lectures, literary readings, meetings with writers, exhibitions, conferences readers, radio, tutorials, reports, presentations.

• Enter the old library collection in the AB program.

Maintaining the master file of the library.

              inventory books

              book for the library fund's movement

              ◦ logs for daily reporting of indicators: readers, distributed literature, visits, the number of reports and cultural mass events.

Deduction of bad physically worn, obsolete or in multiple books.




Unfortunately there is no information about who exactly are the first donors or sponsors, who put the beginning of our library, but one thing is certain: that it was good that they were there and let them be. Because without them, it would hardly be the first library collection. Even now, thanks to their support, we are again able to provide our readers new and interesting titles.

Among longtime sponsors of the Community Centre's City Library are Lyuben Hinkin, Ognyan Krachunov, Valentin Kalapish, Krassimir Pelovski, Jordan Dilkov, Milena Goranova, Hristo Presolski, Parvan Kutinski, Iliya Kochovski.

In 1988, a great work was completed. Reorganization and relocation of the library in the current spacious premises was carried out.

In 2009 CHGB was one of the first in the country in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Municipality Knezha with a project "Libraries" - Bulgaria, funded by the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates, resulting in the reading room being organized as computer room with 6 workstations, laptop, multimedia, and copier.

2013 was again a successful year. Not only with the conduct of multiple presentations, open classes, purchases of new books and enrichment of the library collection, and the new and valuable asset-furnishing of the reading room with modern furniture modules. All this became possible with the help and cooperation of the mayor Simeon Sharabanski and City Council - Knezha.

Contemporary modern and high-tech library has become a favorite place for all who want to learn, to know, to take advantage of opportunities for information, to establish social contacts or to spend a pleasant and useful free time.