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Cheerleading Ensambles with separate age groups

The created cheerleader ensamble "Slance" / 2007 / has no history, but that does not mean that it lacks achievements. With great love and dedication, artistic director Galia Ilchovska, together with her beautiful and talented girls prepare wonderful dance compositions. And success is not far - wherever CE record participation prizes are guaranteed to it. At the national competition "Patent Leather Shoes" - city Berkovitza 2008, after prize took part in the gala concert broadcasted on the Television. The series of awards continue during the following years: the National Competition of Dance "Rainbow of Talents" held in Plovdiv with one first and two second places. CE "Slance" added to its collection and the prestigious award of the international competition for cheerleading "Golden Pompon" in Albena. At the International cheerleading competition held in the city of Gyor - Hungary the jury awarded two third prizes for mini formations, all stock for styling cheerleading and personal prize for the artistic director - Galya Ilchovska. This year at the festival "Rainbow of Talents" -city of Plovdiv, CE "Slance" and CE "Slance Junior" again grabbed the first place. In the footsteps of the older cheerleaders, the younger ones go confidently in the face of the cheerleading squad "Slance Junior" and the youngest children from kindergartens in the newly formed named "Slance Baby".