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The festival is organized by the Indipendent Association of Artists at the NCC „Borba1896“, Knezha in partner ship with Dancing Opportunities, Ireland,; One Gallery – Stefan Stoyanov, Bulgaria,; ATOM Theater, Bulgaria,; wildchild innovations, Germany,; and The Bulgarian Festival Association, Major media partner BNT,

There is no competetive character to it, the goal is to present a diversity of spectacles, models and different tendencies of the contemporary theater and performance, to encourage the meetings and cultural exchange between theatrical and dance formations, artists and their organizations, to provide a free cultural space, which stimulates the development of the contemporary forms of art.

In this regard the Organizing committee provides a prize in the amount of 1000 BGN for stimulating development.

The festival program is organized in three directions – theatrical, attendant program and artistic workshops.

A participation of all age groups is allowed. Each group presents a spectacle with a predominate non-verbal part /motion, dance theater, shadow theater, pantomime, experimental scene forms/up to sixty minute /excluding forms are only approved by the Organizing committee/. A team of mentors, experts in the field of contemporary art, supports the work of the participants through professional advices, conducting discussions, preparing a detailed analysis of the work of directors, actors, dancers and scenographers. If needed the organizers cover the technical maintenance of the groups and the basic equipment of the stage.

  • The first edition of IFCTP „Zero gravity“ will take place from June 26th to July 2nd 2017 in the town of Knezha.
  • The group defrays the expenses connected with the participation in the festival.
  • The organizers provide transport, accommodation and food through the festival days of the groups. It is allowed to participate up to ten people per group.
  • Arrival and registration of the groups must happen until 16:00, June 26th 2017.
  • A technical conferention begins at 17:00.
  • The official opening ceremony starts at 21:00, June 26th, 2017.
  • The closure of the festival is at June 2nd, 2017.