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NIATF "Zvezden Prah"

NIATF "Zvezden Prah" was created in 2008 by CC "Borba1896", town of Knezha with the exclusive support of the Ministry of Culture and the Bulgarian Association of amateur theaters / BAAT /. The festival is included in the National Cultural Calendar MK 2010, 2011 and 2012. Its held each year in June. Realized with the financial support of the Foundation "America for Bulgaria".

The event started as a modest module with the participation of amateur theaters of the town of Knezha and the region and supporting program of community centers formations. At its fourth edition, in 2011, "Zvezden Prah" shaped appearance of a national cultural event. Since 2012 the festival is international and is supported by the European Centre of amateur theater / AITA / IATA /.

Received national and international prestige, the festival is a representative forum of amateur theater, a common platform for the development of amateur theater. It presents valuable and diverse program of theatrical performances, workshops and accompanying program of vibrant cultural events - traditional and innovative cultural events. In the theatrical poster of the event over the years present selected plays of Bulgarian groups and performances of theatrical groups from Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Serbia, Turkey, Latvia, Ukraine. The participation in the festival of famous Bulgarian artists - artists, music, dance performers is traditional. The exceptional level of the event over the years established itself with impressive presence and participation of the dance group Neshka Robeva Ballet "Arabesque", group "Vakali", jazz performer Michael Iosifov, guitarist Plamen Petrov, artists Ljubo Georgiev, Deyan Valkov, Dimitar Petrov, Radoslav Neychev, talents from "Artist", Studio "United avant-garde artist", Association "Silence" and many others.



NIATF "Zvezden Prah" has no competitive character. Festival program is organized in three areas - theater, accompanying program and workshops.

The theater program is divided into two modules - theater for adults and youth theater. The participation of groups from all age groups is allowed. Each group presents a spectacle, experimental or traditional, classic or modern. A team of official observers /"Northern word"/ experts, assist the participants through professional advices, debates, and prepare a detailed analysis of the work of directors, actors and designers.

Creative workshops are organized in several key areas tailored to the needs of the festival participants. Prepared and guided by specialists in the field. The training ends with a presentation of the final product.

Accompanying program run in parallel with the festival and includes a selection of traditional and innovative cultural events.